Who we are

We're open to anyone who believes in what we're doing and is willing to contribute with ideas, energy, time and care. We have a small Steering Group who are doing most of the planning and preparing at the moment, but that group can call on a much bigger Advisory Group for ideas and challenges. People move from steering to advice and vice versa, depending on interest, need and whether they're able to put time in.

Steering group: Adam Barker, Emma Battell Lowman, Nicholas Beuret, David Harvie, Amber Huff, Cath Long, Claire Marris

For more information about us, see below. 

Advisory group: Gareth Brown, Jane Charlesworth, Massimo De Angelis, Susan Kelly, Justin Kenrick, Vivian Latinwo-Olajide, Simon Lilley, Jo Littler, Keir Milburn, Dimitris Papadopolous, Martin Parker, Barbara Prainsack, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, Bert Russell, Leon Sealey-Huggins, Marina Sitrin, Ben Trott and Hendrik Wagenaar